The Process

If you are delivering at Christiana Hospital in Delaware, these are the steps that you will go through to donate your baby’s umbilical cord blood for free. If you are delivering elsewhere, click here for your options.

Step 1
At some point between 18 and 32 weeks, you MUST pre-register.
Step 2
CBS will then send you a health questionnaire. This questionnaire will take you approximately 15 to 30 minutes to complete. You will be asked personal information such as demographic data, health history, and family genetic history. This is necessary to help evaluate the suitability of the cord blood unit for transplant. Please fill out the questionnaire as soon as you receive it and send back to CBS right away.
Step 3
The medical advisors at CBS will review your health questionnaire. If they have any questions, they will call you. Make sure that you call them back right away. IF you have to leave a message, tell them the best time to reach you to minimize any potential communication issues.
Step 4
After it is determined that you are qualified to donate (based on your questionnaire), you will be sent your cord blood donation delivery paperwork. Put it with your insurance card in your purse so that you remember to bring it with you to the hospital. You DO NOT have to fill out this paperwork before you get to the hospital, most of it is for the nurse and doctor to fill out after you have the baby. You MUST be at least 34 weeks pregnant to donate. Also - this paperwork MUST be taken with you to the hospital for you to be able to complete the process and donate your baby's umbilical cord blood. We now have all donation cord blood collection kits stored at the hospital, however as noted above, if you are not at least 34 weeks pregnant and if you do not have your paperwork, they will not be able to collect. IF at any point during steps 1 – 4 you have questions or encounter problems with the process, contact us either through our Contact Us page OR at 302.765.2875.
Step 5
Inform your doctor that you are donating your baby’s cord blood through The Brady Kohn Foundation so they can note it in your chart.
Step 6
When you get to the hospital, hand the kit to the nurse in triage, they will know what to do with it from there! Mom’s blood will also be obtained for testing purposes, within 48 hours of your delivery; it normally happens around the time of the cord blood collection.
Step 7
Have a wonderful labor, a beautiful baby, and enjoy your family’s special day!

"I am proud to support The Brady Kohn Foundation Public Cord Blood Program and the partnership with Christiana Care Health System. The potential of stem cells from umbilical cord blood is tremendous and growing daily through research and the dedication of countless medical professionals. As the Chair of Christiana Care's Obstetrics and Gynecology Department, I lend my support to the doctors here that are helping in this life saving work."

Richard J. Derman, MD, MPH, FACOG
Chairman, Obstetrics & Gynecology Christiana Care Health System

"The physicians and staff at Brandywine Pediatrics are excited on the strides The Brady Kohn Foundation is making in our community. Your vision will help countless people. We are truly proud to support your work."

Joseph DiSanto, MD
Brandywine Pediatrics

"The Brady Kohn Foundation allows everyday people to make an extraordinary difference in the lives of others. Being able to possibly save another life by giving away something that would routinely be discarded is the biggest gift that we can provide. All of the physicians at All About Women believe in this life-saving initiative and proudly support and partner with The Brady Kohn Foundation."

Joanne Goshow-Harris, D.O.
All About Women

  • 1-866-SAVCORD To register to donate your Umbilical Cord Blood.
  • Give life.Twice.
  • The Brady Kohn Foundation ph (302) 765-2875 • fx (302) 765-3343 P.O. Box 7261 Wilmington, DE 19803